Customer Feedback - Thank you Bromar.

It is always great to receive positive Feed back from our Customers. 

Thank you Scott. 


To the Bromar Engineering Team,

On Thursday 15th February I picked up my 36 Bag Multi-feeder and would like to pass onto the entire Team my thanks for a Quality job, well done. One small issue was picked up during the delivery, but can not fault the team on being extremely helpful and time efficient in rectifying it.

I would like to share an experience that happened to myself whilst using the Multi-feeder on Saturday.

Being very dry here at the moment was making the best of having a Split Bin in the Multi-feeder, feeding a mix of barley and pellets to Joined Ewes while feeding just Pellets to several mobs of wethers in some of the more undulating Country that we have in Trunkey Creek.

Whilst trail feeding the wethers my Landcruiser decided to jump out of 1st gear in low range ( not an uncommon occurrence ) causing it to free wheel down the Hill in Neutral !! In normal circumstances using my traditional feed out trailer that requires manual opening of the Grain shute this leaves you in a dire situation of just watching and hoping for the best outcome as the Ute,Trailer and Dogs on the back race off down the Hill...... Or you take the other approach and try to catch the moving Ute and get back inside to regain control.....Neither a good option.

As I was using my Bromar Multi-feeder that is fitted with the Electric Trail Feed, I simply put my foot on the Brake !!! Situation totally under control.


Have Fun

Scott Brown

Trunkey Creek


Bromar Engineering