November 2017 Celebrating 20 Years of the Multifeeder

November 2017 – Celebrating 20 Years of the Multifeeder.
This is a big event for the Bromar family marking 27 Years of Bromar fabrication & 20 years of Multifeeder distribution throughout Australia. From the Humble beginnings in the Farm shed to today’s fabrication in the newly extended workshop located in the small country town of Grenfell NSW. Staff Numbers over the years have steadily increased helping keep local people employed locally. To this day Bromar Engineering has an ever increasing demand for our products proving they are amoung the best in the market. Mark & Bronwyn’s eldest son Josh is now following in his fathers footsteps taking on the roll of Workshop Manager while Daughter Emma takes on a secretarial roll as well as delivering a sweet voice when you ring to enquire about products. Mark, second & third son Scott & Mitchell continue to farm and believe that having a finger on the pulse is the best way to deliver sound products. Bromar products are built to work hand in hand to help streamline and save valuable time for today’s busy farmers. Over the Years the Bromar Red has become a popular addition to many properties. While travelling the great Australian Country side it is amazing to see how many Bromar Red products you spot along the way.  The love, labour, dedication, persistence and loyalty of the Bromar Family and Staff is something that everyone here at Bromar are proud of and all look forward to many productive years ahead.

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