Band Seeder

No more seed jumping in from the end.

Proven pasture and canola machine

Key Product Features

  • Two Separate Boxes, Easy to Fill & Empty
  • Can hold between 100kg-150kg Seed (Depending in size machine)
  • Individually Sprung Tyres with Variable Tension
  • 11.00 # 16 Tyres for a Smooth Ride
  • Sizes from 10-33 Run
  • Spacings (widths) can be custom made
  • Holes are close together in the bottom of the boxes resulting in less seed needed to require flow
  • Consistent trials prove that 3kg of seed will result in a plant emerging every 40mm in the row
  • Pull can be stood up by removing one bolt for compact storage in the shed
  • Checker Plate Platform between Boxes
  • Unique Tyne Design places Seed Precisely
  • Full Checker Plate Walkway
  • Extremely Solid Construction
  • Also available with end tow kit for transport if required

Bromar Engineering