Canola Front

High Speed Canola Front. Award Winning Design. Winner at the Australian National Field Days at Orange 2002.

Unique Five roller belt system for the flattest belt pick up on the market. Speed is not a problem for this front it will pickup whatever the header can handle. Because the belt system is so flat all the material is speared under the 26-inch table auger. The hood over the top of the table auger stops grain loss and shells and reduces dust coming out. The front wings gather in and slice through wind rows. Safety shields on each end hinge up and are supported with gas struts so you can work in the shade when servicing.

Key Product Features

  • Unique five roller belt system.
  • High speed pickup
  • Flat belt system
  • 26 inch table auger

The rake is mounted on the back section rather than on the belt pick up. Being mounted to the back ensures the fingers are pointing in the same direction all the time, whereas when they are mounted on the pick-up they change positions at the back when the front is raised or lowered.

Six ply car tyres are used on the pickup so you don’t have to worry about canola stalks puncturing tyres.

Bromar Engineering