Hi-Tech Hayfeeder. Award winning design at Henty Field Days 2005.

The Hi-Tech Hayfeeder dramatically reduces the amount of wasted hay. Its swing away roof has excellent weather protection. It curls around over the top of the bale when closed. The floor keeps the hay off the ground and stops the hay working like a sponge, sucking moisture up out of the ground.


Key Product Features

  • Minimum Hay Loss
  • Feeding Sheep or Cattle
  • Ideal for Fattening
  • Fully Galvanised
  • Swing Away Roof
  • Round and Square Bales

The basic principle of The Hi-Tech Hayfeeder is that the bale sits on prongs, which are connected to the bottom of both side swing gates. When the hay is placed on top the side swing gates pull in tight and stay hard up against the side of the bale until the bale is basically gone. This stops sheep from entering and climbing on the hay. The pressure of the gates holds the hay tight and reduces hay from being dragged out of the hayfeeder.

The operation is easy, simply open the end gates. This works as a counter lever to easily swing the roof. Round Bales can be placed in with three point linkage from each end. When putting a square bale in simply take out the removable top bar on the side gate and the bale can be placed on top of the bottom prongs then simply return the roof and close the end gates. Brilliant!

Bromar Engineering