Multifeeder - November 2017 Celebrating 20 Years of the Multifeeder

The Bromar Multi Feeder can be used for filling grain & pellets into feeders and grain fertilizer into combines, etc.

With its twin bin design it has the ability to mix grain into feeders and change rates of mix. The trail feed system can change size of trail and rates of mix or just feed out of one bin or the other. The Multi Feeder can also be used as a grouper for filling your combine or airseeder.


Key Product Features

  • 36 & 50 Bag Sizes
  • Twin Bin Design
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • Trail feeds without Engine Running
  • Fills Lickfeeders
  • 5.5hp Honda motor
  • Heavy Duty 7” Steel Auger Not Plastic
  • Roller Rocker Suspension
  • 50mm Axles with Parallel Bearings
  • NEW Goodyear Tyres
  • Fills Combines and Air Seeders


36 bags 50 bags
Dimensions Bin length 2100 (7 Feet)
Bin width 1500 (5 Feet)
Approx 2000 high (6 ft 6”)
Bin length 2400 (8 Feet)
Bin width 1800 (6 Feet)
Approx 2000 High (6 ft 6”)
Bin Division Standard bin division on both 36 Bag & 50 Bag - 30/ 70 (This can be changed)
Weight Standard trailer weighs approx. 750 Kg Standard trailer weighs approx. 900 Kg
Auger Standard auger clearance is 1600mm
(Can be made taller if required)
Tall auger up to 3000mm under shute
Standard auger clearance is 1800mm
(Can be made taller if required)
Tall auger up to 3300mm under shute
Shute or round outlet available for Tall auger on both 36 bag & 50 bag

Available Options

  • Roll tarp
  • Extra divider (three bins)
  • Tail lights
  • Electric trail feed
  • Additive box
  • Tall auger
  • Electric brakes 1 axle
  • Electric brakes 2 axles with breakaway
  • Scales: Standard or Batch Weigh
  • Telescopic combine tube
  • Winch for tall auger
  • Galvanised bin

Please Note. To legally tow the Bromar Multi Feeder on roads (eg. between properties or towns) there are certain requirements that need to be met depending on the state in which you are located. If you would like more information please contact Bromar on 1300 276 627.

Bromar Engineering