Bromar Lickfeeder The Original 3 Way Restriction system Since 1994

The Bromar Sheep Lickfeeder has a high quality design and a superior licking action.

One of the key components of the Lickfeeder is the plastic inserts consisting of 11 Holes on either side of the feeder. Sheep lick the grain out of these holes, remembering that the grain must be licked upwards to use the saliva on their tongues to get it out.

The feed area is easily adjusted by moving the metal covers above the plastic inserts in or out to either open up or close down the feed area.


Lickfeeder - 3 Way Restriction

  • 3 Way Restriction Feeding System
    1. First Restriction = Individual Holes
    2. Second Restriction = Up and Down Movement
    3. Third Restriction = Sideways Movement
  • The Simplest System on the Market
  • One single Adjustment
  • No Grain Pressure on the Adjustment Slide
  • Red Block can also be moved for further adjustment
  • Fully Galvanised
  • 2 Cubic Metres

Easy Adjustment

  • One Adjuster opens the Feeder upwards and also opens sidewards which means as it’s slid down it will CLOSE THE HOLE TO THE SMALLEST TEAR DROP!
  • All this is done without any grain pressure on the Adjustment Slide

The 3rd Restriction

  • The individual licking holes means the sheep lick unsoiled grain in each hole
  • We don’t have cumbersome contraptions to stop the sheep pushing the grain along and out the slot

Lamb Friendly

  • When the Bromar Feeder is closed down to a fine rate the grain is right at the top of the hole!
  • Which means when ewe’s are lambing the small lambs can actually get grain. Other feeders that force them to lick from the bottom of the slot means the ewe can access the Grain but the Lamb can't
  • Our Grain is right at the Top
  • Small Lambs can access the grain because the trough is not too high
  • If Lambs can access Grain at an early age it stimulates the Rumen and enables significant weight gain

Bromar Engineering