Weaner Cattle Lickfeeder

The Bromar Weaner Cattle Lickfeeder has a high quality design and a superior licking action.

One of the key components of the Lickfeeder is the plastic inserts consisting of 11 Holes on either side of the feeder. Cattle lick the grain out of these holes, remembering that the grain must be licked upwards to use the saliva on their tongues to get it out.

The feed area is easily adjusted by moving the metal covers above the plastic inserts in or out to either open up or close down the feed area.


Key Product Features

  • Minimum grain loss
  • Fully galvanised
  • Supplement feeding cattle
  • Ideal for fattening stock
  • Easy to adjust, double-action feed rate
  • No grain pressure on adjustment slides

When the cover above the plastic inserts is slid out the holes close sideways therefore reducing the hole to a size so small that cattle rely on a wet tongue for the grain to stick to. After 5-10 minutes their tongues become dry from licking and they go out to graze, stopping them from eating until the feeder is empty.

Weather protection on the Bromar Lickfeeder is superior to any other as the wing is wide and the Licking area tucked underneath. If driving rain goes into the feed area it drains back into the catching trough and runs out the end. Excess saliva also works its way down and out in the same way.

Weaner Cattle Lickfeeder Approx Dimensions:

  • 2400 Long
  • 1000 Bin Width
  • 1450 Overall Width
  • 1476 High

Feeder weighs approx 220Kg when empty

Capacity - (Up to 24 Bags)

  • 2 Cubic metres
  • Wheat weighing 82Kg/hl
  • Feeder will hold approx. 1.64 tonnes of wheat
  • Feeder will hold:
    - Approx 24 @ 65Kg Bags
    - Approx 32 @ 50Kg Bags

Approx. 50 head per feeder

Important Information

To adjust red plastic insert:

  1. Undo the 3 nuts and remove nut/washer and Gal Slide
  2. Loosen the 2nd nut on the RED plastic insert
  3. Adjust the RED plastic insert to the feed rate you require
  4. Tighten the nuts
  5. Replace the Gal Slide, washers and nuts
  6. Position the Gal Slide to the feed rate you require
  7. Tighten nuts

To adjust feed rate - Gal Slide:

  1. Loosen the three (3) nuts
  2. Move the Gal Slide to the feed rate you require
  3. Retighten nuts

If moving:

  • Must be less than half (1/2) full
  • Must put a pallet on forks
  • Place forks under the feeder – Not the legs

The Weaner Cattle Lickfeeder is for grown cows and weaner cattle - IT IS NOT A BULL FEEDER

Bromar Engineering