Bromar equipment has been designed with the end user in mind. Designed by farmer Mark Liebich, all of Bromar Engineering’s designs have been developed to meet a certain need in the market that was previously missing.


Quality is key to efficiency and durability, which is why Bromar Enigineering are so meticulous with the materials and build of their products.


Bromar Engineering has built its reputation on developing agricultural machinery products that are functional to the end user.

A Farmers Needs

Prior to establishing Bromar Engineeering, Mark Liebich was primary a farmer. Marks enthusiasm to build things and improve processes and efficiencies, lead him to develop agricultural equipment that simplified processes and more importantly improved efficiencies in his farming operations.

A Farmers Benefits

Mark’s innovations came as a result of a lack practical equipment in the market of an industry that historically has been lagging in development of machinery to improve operations. Mark continues to work the land today, and uses his operations to continually develop/redevelop machinery that will ultimately make his operations even more efficient and simplified.

Quality Second to None

Bromar Engineering understand how important quality and reliability in their products is. Mark uses his products on his own property, and thus has a vested interest in their reliability.

Bromar only uses quality components from recognised suppliers in their products, and the reason is because they work. Mark and his team take genuine pride in their workmanship, which results in only the best products making it to the customers. Bromar have numerous quality control mechanisms to ensure all their products are fully functional when they leave the production floor.

Got an Idea? Need something Changed?

Bromar Engienering is constantly on the search for how they can improve aspects of their farming operations. If you have an idea that you think might be beneficial to the broader farming community, come in and see Mark and he’ll happily discuss the idea. Who knows, you too might win an Inventor of the Year prize for your idea!

If you have any of the bromar products that you think could somehow be improved, or alternatively you would like some special customisation work done on the product, please contact the bromar team adn they will be happy to discuss any changes that you would like made.